• Testimonials

    "Rabbi Nathan Escava is an unbelievably professional, knowledgeable and experienced asset as a mohel for our community. He has been a mohel for my sons and he brings a beautiful demeanor to everything he does."

    Rabbi Joey Haber

    "Rabbi Escava's mohel services were truly professional from beginning to end. Everything was taken into consideration and properly planned, explained and executed."

    Yaakov Yisrael Benjamin

    "Baruch Hashem Rabbi Escava was a mohel for two of our sons and baruch Hashem, Hashem put us in the right hands. He was very compassionate, gentle, and professional in his work."

    Rabbi Albert Zafrani

    "Rabbi Nathan Escava performed my son's bris and the entire process went perfectly smooth. Several of my friends had Rabbi Escava perform the bris for their sons so I knew what to expect and he came highly recommended."

    Igor & Alla A.

    "Rabbi Escava was great with our son and made sure he was physically ready for the bris. We are very thankful for finding Rabbi Nathan Escava and would definitely recommend that you consider him for your son's bris! Great experience overall. Thank you, Rabbi!"

    Jack & Lillian A.

    "I was so impressed with Rabbi Escava's expertise. He was professional and relaxed throughout the entire Brit!"

    Mrs. Safdieh

    Having Rabbi Escava as our Mohel was truly a wonderful experience. From the moment we met him, he was caring, patient, pleasant and understanding. We constantly felt like we were good hands, and made the right choice for our son. We would certainly use the Rav again.

    Mrs. Safdieh