• Supplies & Honors


    • A pillow (to hold the baby before, during and immediately after the ceremony)
    • Diapers with wipes
    • One ounce tube of Bacitracin Ointment
    • Four-ounce tube of A&D Ointment
    • Box of 25 individually wrapped 2"x2" gauze pads
    • Bottle of sweet kosher red wine
    • Kiddush cup (If metal or glass please make sure that it was dipped in a mikveh)
    • If you are not nursing, a bottle for the baby
    • Two prayer shawls (טליתות) which are worn by the Father and Sandak
    • Fragrant spices (בשמים) if it’s a Sephardic bris


    • Sandak
    • Bore Peri Hagefen
    • Besamim
    • Asher Kidesh
    • Naming the baby