• About Rabbi Nathan Escava

    Rabbi Nathan Escava is an expert mohel, certified by The American Board of Ritual Circumcision.

    Rabbi Nathan Escava has a background of Torah learning in Ner Israel Yeshivah of Baltimore, Mir Yerushalayim, and Bet Medrash Govoha of Lakewood. After studying in the Kollel of Yad Yosef Torah Center, he received semicha (rabbinical ordination) under Hacham Asher Hatchuel. Rabbi Escava is currently a rabbi in *Edmond J. Safra Congregation in Brooklyn, NY. Edmond J. Safra Congregation

    Rabbi Escava has been serving as a mohel in the Sephardic community of Brooklyn since 2003. He received his training under Rabbi Dovid Kramer, Chief Mohel of Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem.

    Rabbi Escava is recognized for his expertise and precision in both normal and difficult brises. His warm and calming demeanor, coupled with his experience and professionalism, put parents at ease, making every Berit Milah a joyous occasion.